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Digital Torque Tester

Cap Torque Tester
  • PLC control unit and touch screen operation
  • Range : 0 to 10N.m
  • Bottle Diameter : 5mm to 170mm
  • Accuracy : +/-1% of FS
  • Resolution : 0.001N.m
  • Both closing and opening torque measurement 
  • Peak value display 
  • Micro printer built in
  • Large LCD touch screen display
  • Portable unit
  • come with inspection report
  • Optional : Calibration Certificate

Other Type


A hygro thermometer is an instrument that combines a hygrometer and a thermometer. The hygrometer portion of the instrument is used to measure the moisture content of the air to determine its relative humidity. Relative humidity is the measurement of the saturation level relative to the current air temperature.

Circle Runout Tester

Circle Runout Tester bottle verticality tester measures the coaxial deviation of ampoule bottle and penicillin bottle.