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Automation & Robotic

Industry 4.0
Smart manufacturing is a technology-driven approach that utilizes Internet-connected machinery to monitor the production process. The goal of Smart manufacturing is to identify opportunities for automating operations and use data analytics to improve manufacturing performance.

We our team of partners we will be able to provide you more complete solution both in automated production and inspection equipment and also robotic process automation.

Factory Automation

Process and Inspection Automation with different scanning sensor mounted to an industrial robot or special jig and fixture enables accurate, part inspection. The device then uses the data collected by scanning sensor to generate results such as PASS or FAIL and result reading as an assesment to part quality and to proceed to next manufacturing process.

Robotic Automation

Industry 4.0 tech focuses on making manufacturing equipment like computers and robots more intelligent and interconnected than ever through artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and a lot of data. Integration of cobot will definally prepare your plant into a smart manufacturing, reducing downtime, human error and improve productivities with the collabroation with human and robot.
Design & Fabrication
Automated Inspection Equiment
Automated Testing Equipment 
Jig & fixture

Robotic Process Automation
Design & Integration
Universal Robot
TechMan Robot
Inspection Driod Robot