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Carbide Pin

Carbide Pin
purpose of carbide pin is to measure and inspect the diameter of small holes, it also can be used as a test bar for geometric deviations measurements.
custome diameter size and custom length accuracy +/-0.002mm.

Accuracy    +/-0.002mm      +/-0.002mm
Size Range 1.5mm to
Length Range 20.0mm
to 100.0mm

Accuracy    +/-0.0001 inch      +/-0.0001 inch
Size Range 0.059 inch to
0.4921 inch
Length Range 0.7874 inch
to 3.9370 inch
Other Type


A thermometer is a device that measures temperature or a temperature gradient. Suitable for general purpose use comes with stainless steel probe.

Vacumm Tester - Manual

Vacuum Tester/Gauge used to measure internal negative pressure value of the can .Its working principle is the use of tool steel material needle pierced the cover , at the same time use the soft stopper to ensure no leakage , steel needle connect with the vacuum gauge to get conatiner vacuum values.