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Carton Box Compression Tester

compression tester
Technical Data 
Pressure range : 0-10KN  
Force resolution :  0.1N, Display error: ±2% 
Display variation : ≤2%, Back to zero error: ±0.2%FS 
Deformation measurement accuracy :  ±1mm 
Compressing speed adjustable range : 5mm/min~90mm/min 
Compressing speed relative error : ±3%(within 5~90mm/min) 
Standard compressing speed : 12mm/min 
Stacking test speed : 5mm/min 
Lower platen stroke : 800mm 
Test space : 400mm(L)*600mm(W)*600mm(H) 
                      1200mm(L)*1200mm(W)*1200mm(H) are optional 
Upper and lower platen parallelism degree : ≤1mm 

Dimension 850mm(L)*600mm(W)*1100mm(H)(varies with different test space) 
Weight 200kg(varies with different test space)

Optional : Calibration Report

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