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Slot & Groove Guge

Slot Groove Gauge
Slot Groove Gauge
New type of slot and groove measuring gauge, you can now measure axial distances of slots and circlip grooves, both internally and externally, without any difficulty.

  • Easy, fast, accurate measuring. 
  • Accuracy ± 0.02mm 
  • Readout 0.01mm by dial gauge 
  • Shockproof 
  • Splash water protected 
  • Measuring range 0/1.2-30mm / 30-60mm 
  • Interchangeable probes to extend up to 120-150mm 
  • Special probes on reques
  • Imperial (Inch) modal available on request
Other Type

Bore Gauge

Bore Gauge used to accurately measure the inside diameter of a hole, cylinder or pipe. In conjunction with a micrometer, a bore gauge will give you the exact reading of a bore size

Tensile Tester

Tensile testing, also known as tension testing, is a fundamental materials science and engineering test in which a sample is subjected to a controlled tension until failure.